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FAQs for the Big Day!

With any wedding there are usually a few questions that arise, below are some additional details about our special day!


Can We Park at the Venue?

There is plenty of parking at the venue! You can also leave your vehicle overnight if need be. Fortunately, many hotels are within walking distance to our venue, if you can leave your car at the hotel we recommend you do!

Are Children Invited to the Wedding?

While we love all your children, this is an adults only event. Please leave your little ones at home if you plan to come celebrate with us. We appreciate your understanding! 

Can I Bring a Date?

Unfortunately, we can only accommodate those guests that are formally included in your wedding invite. If you received a plus one, their name or "and guest" will appear on their invitation as well as under your name when your RSVP. 

Is There a Hotel Block?

We do have a hotel block at the Upham Hotel. More information on that is on the Travel & Accommodations section of our website. 

What are the Nearest Airports?

Santa Barbara does have a small regional airport with flights from major airlines including Delta, American, Alaska and Southwest. There are a limited number of flights that go in and out of this airport daily, we recommend if you are traveling via airplane that you book your flights well in advance. A secondary option is the Los Angeles International Airport, however it would require renting a car or taking a shuttle another few hours to reach Santa Barbara. 

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