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Our Story


Brought to you by Hinge & Bumble.

Sara and Noah began their love story the same way many their age have these days, on a dating app. They officially matched on Hinge back in 2020, talked for a bit and even made plans to meet up - but it never panned out. 

A year later, they matched on Hinge again. They began messaging back and forth in the app, but Noah was taking too long to ask Sara out, so she stopped responding. Noah, frustrated about being ghosted, ended the match. A few days later, they matched again on a different dating app, Bumble. This app required that Sara make the first move. She started their conversation by saying "When are you going to ask me out?" Noah responded, "Right now, send me your number." Within minutes they planned their first date, and their old conversations from a year prior came back up. They both agree had they met in 2020, things could have turned out differently.


In August 2021 they went on their first date at Scholb Long Beach - a brewery by Noah's apartment. From there it was a slow burn, with Sara finally agreeing to be Noah's girlfriend in October 2021. They quickly became inseparable, driving back and forth between Long Beach and Orange County to spend time with one another.  For Sara's birthday a month after they officially became a couple, Noah took her to Santa Barbara for a weekend to celebrate. It was their first weekend away together, on top of a birthday celebration. Noah planned the perfect trip, booking an adorable room at The Upham Hotel (an option for our guests to stay for our wedding) along with wine tastings, a lovely dinner and time to explore Santa Barbara. It was an incredible weekend, and since then Santa Barbara has been their favorite weekend getaway destination. 


Sara moved in with Noah in April of 2022, five months after they began dating. Since then, the two have traveled together, started new jobs, began Master's programs, and even adopted an adorable puppy - Layla.


In June of 2023, Noah took Sara on another weekend trip to Santa Barbara under the guise of celebrating Sara's completion of her first year of her MBA program. He booked a stunning room at the Ritz-Carlton Bacara Hotel and planned a lovely weekend to relax and enjoy the start of summer break. He had also secretly worked with Sara's friends to plan the most stunning and intimate proposal on the hotel grounds. On June 17, 2023, Noah popped the question to Sara, and from there the rest is history. 

We are so excited for what this next chapter has in store for us, and we cannot wait to celebrate surrounded by the family and friends who have supported us every step of the way!


Sara & Noah

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